Installation Requirements



Maximum guidepath length per line driver is 4000 ft. The buyer , at his own expense shall PREPARE the site to provide a standard, dedicated, 110 VAC single phase power drop at each line driver location. The guidepath is normally installed after the rack/shelving is not yet installed, and a release must be signed prior to the start of the installation.


Aisle width must provide a minimum of four inches of clearance per side between the rack or load face, including any material overhang, and the widest part of the vehicle or load up to twenty feet of lift height. For applications above 20 feet of lift height consult the factory or your regional representative.


For optimum performance, it is recommended that all Very Narrow Aisle warehouse floors which employ guidance equipment meet the requirements of F(min)100. A floor meeting this requirement is one which has a differential in elevation of 1/8″ or less between any two points 10 feet apart any place on the floor. This requirement need only be applied within the aisleways.


There should be absolutely no steel in the immediate path of the guide wire such as manhole covers, drains or metal expansion joints. (Metal expansion joints may be cut out approximately 6″ on either side of the guide wire) Re-enforcement bar (rebar) or wire mesh shall not be closer than 4″ when parallel to the proposed guide wire.


The guidepath must be a closed loop, beginning and ending at the line driver. The guidepath must be straight in areas where vehicles are to be guided. No intersections may occur in the guidepath. The minimum distance permitted between two parallel guidepath is eighteen inches.


In order to reliably acquire the guidepath, it is required that the guidepath extend beyond the rack a distance at least equal to the overall length of the truck, including outriggers, carts, attachments or pallets that extend beyond the truck forks.


The guidepath will not be closed than one-half the overall truck length to any walls or other obstructions.


Installation of a test track in an open area is encouraged to facilitate PATHFINDER maintenance. A test track of up to 100 feet in length and contiguous to the main guidepath is recommended.

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