Installation and Commissioning

All guidance equipment, the truck-mounted Pathfinder, the line driver and the wire guidepath, are installed from start to finish by factory trained personnel using techniques gained from years of experience.

The wire guidepath is installed down the center of each aisle in a groove 1/8″ wide by 3/8″ deep, which is cut using a diamond tipped concrete saw. The insulated copper wire is laid into the slots in a continuous loop throughout your warehouse. Both ends of the loop connect to the line driver, which generates a constant, low-level, electronic signal that radiates from the guidepath. The wire is looped at expansion joints and cracks in the floor to accommodate slab movement and prevent breakage.

The Pathfinder equipped vehicle is set up and adjusted to your wire guidebath during commissioning. When all modes of operation are fully exercised.
Operators are then trained by the on-site representative in efficient use of the guidance systems prior to customer acceptance.